Career at Forest Ranging

30/03/2014 01:30
The principal task of forest rangers is to look after their national wild land and wilderness. Forest rangers are ready to go anywhere in emergency period but in general they are assigned area wise. Women are intimately associated with the forest service for ever and a day. Now you are free to join anywhere as a forest ranger. About 38% female has engaged themselves as forest ranger.
Skills you need
The main criteria to be a forest ranger is that you need the citizenship of USA. If you are not a current citizen but you have an opportunity to qualify. In this case you have to be the permanent resident of USA. A valid driving license is mandatory for you. For specific grade level you have to meet up specific qualification. As an example it is represented that, a bachelor degree is essential for GS-5 level on the other hand High school diploma is enough for GS-2 level. Qualification requirements are specific for each state. But, in general it is helpful for you to have a bachelor degree on forest based subject. If you complete your bachelor degree on forest management, ecology, botany, biology and wildlife and fisheries management, forestry, you will have a strong case.
Go to the visitors
Campers, hikers, tourists and researchers remain in the park always. You have to engage yourself for informing the visitors all things about the park including rules and regulations. You are the man who can save them. You are compelled to be a sharer of the sorrow of the visitor. It is also your duty to find out the get lost visitors.
Save the forest
You are engaged in protecting the wild area where you are working. Preventing forest fire is not an easy work. But you are compelled to do this. It is your responsibility to bring back the green forest if fire damages the forest. If the animals and birds are hurt it is your liability to take care them and the animals which are threatened to people, please anesthetize and entrap them.
Your earning
At first you have to commence your job under a direct supervision of an experienced ranger. You will be paid based on your level and area where you are working. Virginia park rangers earn (23,999 to 31,352)$ yearly. Your annual income in California varies between $38,532 to 50, 244 and in Texas it ranges between $29,928 to $46,396. If you are a park ranger with a bachelor degree you can earn $27,431 to 35,657 yearly.