For A Stronger Work Environment You Want Healthier Workers

30/03/2014 01:46
Earning for a living is the primary purpose of employment for us. We get employment in various jobs. A few of these jobs involve working in offices and others outside. Mostly you can find nine to five timing. Then there are daytime jobs and also nighttime. Irrespective of the job conditions and timing it is an accepted fact that the health of the employee is very important factor.
Is spending on health a cost effective option?
An example is the multinational Amway, which employs 3900 locals. According to this company it gets back two dollars for every dollar spent on employee's health. What is the justification for this? One visible result was that the medical claim of the persons who took part in the fitness program went down by 8 percent. Many of them become slimmer and fitter. A lady employee claimed that in 18 months, she reduced 85 pounds. This has given her an abundance of energy which naturally had reflected in quality work and increased production for the company. It is a recognized fact that such workforce oriented fitness program take as long as three years to start giving returns. This is because of the time taken by people to change their habits.
It is also come to notice that the health expenditure of those employees who do not take part in such fitness program rose up to 23 percent.
Flexco is another firm which has taken the initiative to implement such health oriented program for their employees. This program become very successful and the company was able to gain an amount close to a hundred thousand dollars just by reduced premium costs. The bottom line is that this program is very effective. Furthermore, such companies are even willing to spend for the employees
As an incentive, the employees earn wellness points when they join this program. This will help them reduce their expenditure on health costs by about 850 dollars. This acts as an incentive for the employees to get enrolled in this. This would also ensure that the employee joins it willingly and not by way of any force.
This program can be incorporated in the overall strategy of the firm. This would benefit the company in many ways. It would help the company to attain its overall business goals, if its employees are willing to stay healthy and active. Furthermore, it also enhances the working atmosphere of the company.
Often employees are unhappy when they are asked to undergo tests for this, but it often helps to diagnose certain deceases before they become bad.
It is evident from all this that it is the it would be definitely beneficial for the company in the long run, if they encourage the employees to stay fit, either on their own, or with the help of the company. Some companies even offer free membership to their employees in fitness centers and health groups. Healthier employees are an essential part of making a business profitable and successful. This also makes the workplace more congenial.