What Are The Best Women's Careers?

30/03/2014 02:30

Society has evolved since the 50s and earlier. Gone are the days that the role of women was to get married and make house keepers. It is required these days that women should also go out there and make a living. This is the current state of mind where both men and women have to take up the duty of bringing up the house hold.

This is far from saying that there are a number of women who chose to stay at home and take care of the house and the kids.

It is a fact that women can do certain jobs just as good as their male counterparts. For this reason, there are many women playing their roles in the job market. What occupations pay best for women?

Pharmacists are most probably the highest paid women. Women working here get to take home almost $2k per week. Women who work here make up to half of this profession's population and compete often with men.

This is due to the fact that many women are receiving the education that this better paying jobs need. it is a known fact that women require a four year degree in their area of interest to get these top paying jobs.

You might be thinking that women doctors come second to pharmacist in the best paying jobs. This might not be it as physicians have a wide range of specialties that come with them. It might look to it that women prefer taking lower paying specialties as physicians. This includes taking such specialties such as pediatrics into consideration.

Women in the legal profession follow pharmacists in taking home the biggest salaries. Here, women go hand in hand in competing for the jobs with their male counterparts. Women and men face the same requirements for this kind of occupation.

Information system managers who happen to be women come third as the best paid females. This should not be surprising as this post has got a high demand calling out both men and women.

There are several fields that follow this when it comes to high paying women jobs.

Women are the majority in careers such as psychology and physical therapy, in addition to occupational therapy and medical and health service management. They get to take home an average $60,000 per annum.

The teaching profession is another high earner for women. Foreign language and literature teachers got to take home a median annual cut of 59,000 per annum. Law teachers otherwise got to take home about $94,000 a year that year.

Women CEOs earn with the best of them taking home an average $165,000 a year.

It is worth nothing that women place a higher significance than men when it comes to the job industry. This makes them get attracted to becoming members of the clergy. This requires that they have good skills when it comes to interpersonal skills and verbal extra wants. They are better than men when it comes to this and for this reason, they drive society.